Audio Block V-250

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



Our V-250 is the amplifying heart of our series 250.

As in all of our amplifiers there is a massive toroidal transformer installed, which allows an immersion in audiophile sound worlds to value for money. That is unique in this price range!

The hi-fi amplifier V-250 brings 2x 40 watts at 4 ohms (RMS) on the scale and is thus an audiophile heavyweight with a high damping factor. The V-250 doesn't have any mentionable self-noise due to the lateral aluminum heatsink which allows Block to renounce the using of a fan. So your hi-fi enjoyment is not disturbed.

Audiolab 8200A

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



Audiolab’s latest integrated amp is the result of elegant, unfussy engineering of the highest quality. Clean lines and firm, responsive controls ensure it is a pleasure to use, while the amp’s internal design delivers exceptional sound: fast, clean and detailed, a performance perfectly in balance from deep bass to soaring treble.

Audiolab 8200T

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



Audiolab’s first with DAB tuning section designed to bridge the gap between digital and analogue radio reception, without compromise on either. It offers exceptional sonic performance and is equipped with one of each coaxial and optical (Toslink) digital outputs to feed a number of DAC’s in the market. It has an output sampling frequency of 48kHz and operates seamlessly when connected to Audiolab’s high quality amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, distinctively complementing its excellent sound quality.

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