Audiolab 8200Q

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



Succeeding the highly acclaimed 8000Q in Audiolab’s range, the 8200Q is, quite simply, the ideal audiophile preamplifier. A high-performance preamp should deliver all of the functionality and control required without imposing any character of its own upon the delicate audio signals. It’s this neutrality that is so hard to achieve, and it is this neutrality that forms the heart of the Audiolab experience.

Audiolab M-PWR

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



A 40W per channel stereo power amplifier with excellent sound quality in a compact chasis, designed to match the Q-DAC and M-DAC. With both balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs, the MPWR is a cost effective amplifier with a high performance electronic design capable of driving all loudspeakers with impedance of 4 to 8 ohms. An IEC mains power inlet is positioned on the rear panel along with twin four way binding posts for loudspeaker connections

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