Audiolab 8200AP

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



A stunning new 7.1-channel, HDMI 1.4 compliant surround-sound processor capable of decoding virtually all surround modes currently available. A full 7.1-channel bypass option allows audiophile-class performance of SACD and other digital sources without undergoing any signal processing. Sumptuous input and output connections make this product a true multi-media AV centre.

Audiolab 8200X7

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



The 8200X7 is a 7-channel power amplifier perfect for those who want a ‘dual-role’ amplifier for both movies and high fidelity music with high-end performance. And similar to its siblings, the 8200X7 is capable of seamless integration with any Audiolab power amplifier.

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