Audiolab 8200DQ

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



Superlative digital media centre featuring 32-bit digital-to-analogue converter/pre-amplifier fully balanced discrete Class-A analogue circuits, a dedicated USB input of asynchronous processing, digital filtering, ample digital and analogue input connections and Class-A headphone amplifier. Comprised of over 1700 components using precision SMT manufacturing on a 4-layer PCB, the Audiolab 8200DQ is the most advanced electronic design in Audiolab’s impressive history..

Audiolab M-DAC

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



The M-DAC, an eagerly awaited, new standalone D/A converter finally makes its debut as a replacement for the award-winning 8000DAC introduced in 1992.The M-DAC is housed in a smart styling aluminium case with solid build and ample connectivity. Alongside the USB input with Asynchronous data processing, there are two each of coaxial and optical digital inputs, and one each of coaxial and optical digital outputs.

Audiolab Q-DAC

Prevedenie: Čierne, Biele



The Audiolab Q-DAC press release makes for an interesting read. Most notably, you’ll discover Audiolab thinks this new DAC delivers 98 per cent of the mighty Audiolab M-DAC's performance for two thirds of the price. If that’s right, this new Q-DAC could well flatten everything else at this price level. Audiolab’s design approach for the Q-DAC makes sense. Take the M-DAC, forego its remote control and large display, and simplify the specification – then sell what’s left for a hefty price reduction.

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