Adam Audio Column Passive 

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Soon after the introduction of the first series of the Classic speakers, they became well known as a glamorous way to enjoy the unique sound of the professional ADAM studio monitors. There are four main reasons for their success: The series is well suited for most room sizes due to the elaborate model concept; these speakers can be used in both stereo and multichannel applications; the attractive fine-furniture finishes; and the option of either active or passive designs.

Adam Audio GTC55 

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The smallest member of this series already contains the sound and acoustics of its bigger siblings. Equipped with ADAM’s own X-ART tweeter and two midwoofers it can reproduce the finest nuances of musical detail.

Adam Audio GTC77

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The middle sized speaker of this series incorporates, in addition to the X-ART tweeter, two bigger (7”) subwoofers and an additional midwoofer, that will give the mid-frequencies which are essential for any musical experience, that additional terseness and vividness typical for ADAM speakers..

Adam Audio GTC88

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The biggest member of the GTC Series offers the one of a kind sound reproduction of this series at an even higher level. Wherever perfect and powerful sound is needed, the GTC88 will be the ideal choice.

Adam Audio Alfa Mk2 

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The new TENSOR Alpha is ADAM Audio’s largest, most ambitious, and technically most sophisticated home speaker. It is a no-compromise system aiming at a quality of the musical production that has been unheard before.

Adam Audio Beta Mk2 

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The 126 cm high Beta is the middle loudspeaker of the floorstanding Tensors. Like the bigger Alpha, it consists of two separate cabinets, a feature that serves much more than visual effects. The design improves the sound quality by achieving a complete decoupling that prevents interactions or interferences between the bass and midrange/tweeter sections. This results in significantly better impulse behavior.

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